about me

About Me

Jamie. 23. Married. Living in North Carolina. Lots of pets. Bachelors in Biological Anthropology. Bachelors in Biology in progress. Currently unemployed, freelancing online doing various things. Things I love: music, traveling, beautiful things and places.

I write songs and do covers occasionally so please LIKE MY FACEBOOK MUSIC PAGE.
Want an inside look into my head? Follow me on TWITTER. I'm one of those annoying people that uses it like a diary.

My Beauty Info

Skin Tone: Pale with neutral undertones. [Current foundation shade favorite:  Maybelline Fit Me 110 Porceline
Skin Type: Combo to Dry.  Large Pores on Cheeks. Uneven Skintone. Occasional Hormonal Acne.
Eye Color: Greenish. 
Hair Color: Currently? Dirty Golden Blonde. Natural? Dark Ash Blonde.



  1. loving reading your blog, especially the makeup reviews, it's great to see aussie makeup bloggers for a change! :)

    1. thanks so much! I'm actually from the USA though. I wish I was an Aussie! (:


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