Halloween + New Hair color

So this post might be not really relevant to this year, but maybe you can keep it in the back of your mind for future costume parties and such.  I was a work for Halloween, but fortunately we were allowed to dress up to hand out candy to the kids that came and I created this last minute Pocahontas costume inspire by a youtube video which I will link below.  I tweaked it a bit: just used a standard brown material I found in the $2/yd bin at Walmart, made a mistake and ended up making it an off the shoulder, ruched, top, which was still cute and wore leggings underneath for work. Luckily, I had a necklace that looked perfect with the costume.  All together this took about 2 hours and cost about $12.  Here's the video if you want to take a looksie.

Secondly, I dyed my hair!! So if you're thinking that Scarlet Jamie maybe doesn't apply anymore, no worries, I always cycle back. I've been considering blonde for the longest time and decided I didn't want to shell out the cost of making it look natural quite yet.  So, I got a $3box of dye and went dark! I've been a brunette before, but this is darker than I've had it in awhile and I'm super pleased with it. Dark hair just looks so shiny and healthier.

Thats it for the posts this week, if you drop by leave a comment below, I'd love to check out other blogs! I've been a little out of the loop for awhile!

Coming up in the next week or two is the November Ipsy bag. So stoked!xo

October Favorites + Ipsy

Hey there everyone! I didn't do a post for the October ipsy bag so I thought I'd do a quick little favorites post which includes some of those items, and show you what I got last month, I'll be getting a November back in the next couples days.  Also stay tuned Friday for a post about my new brown hair and what I did for Halloween (for reference next year perhaps).

October Favorites:

  • Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette $19.95- This is supposed to be kind of a Naked dupe, which I don't have, but its a warm-tone eye palette with gorgeous plush shadows. When I ordered the palette I expected them to be more brown tone but they're a bit more purple/pink toned that just your basic browns and blacks which I've decided I quite like. I got this on sale for $9.95 but its gone up a bit since then. I've used this every.single.day. since I got it. Best purchase I've ever made this year so far.
  • Figs&Rouge Hand Cream $6.56 - Got this with the October ipsy bag and I'm addicted. I've been keeping it in my backpack. It smells kind of citrus-y with a hint of sweet. Considering the great price I think I might actually get this again when it runs out.
  • Carmex $1 - Its my night-time balm go to.  Plus it doesn't taste the greatest and it really helps me not bite my lips.
  • Deluxe Infitiy Crown brush $6.99 - You might recognize this from September's bag. I previously said it might be a bit large but I've used it religiously since then and I think I've got the hang of it. I need more brushes!!!
  • Rue 21 Runway $10 - Its kind of sour-sweet smelling. I'm so bad with describing smells, but I love this. This is my second bottle and it lasts forever. Plus I'm a bio anth major so I dig the cute skull packaging.
  • Rue 21 Studded Bag $10 - I just started using this again after buying it a couple years ago and packing it away. Its starting to rip at the handles but I love it so much I must find another! The store doesn't sell them anymore so if anyone knows where I can get a similar one from cheapish let me know!
  • Nicole OPI in Feeling Very Cherry - Also from the October bag, its a deep oxblood color and I've been wearing it on my fingernails and toes all month. The perfect fall color.
October Ipsy Bag:
  • Model Co. Volume Eyes - Just a basic big brushed mascara. Nothing special, not water proof.
  • Lip Gloss - Just not a fan of lip gloss and this color didn't really suit me.
  • epice exfoliating scrub - I've only used this one but I really liked how fine the scrubby particles are. I would assume its sugar. I quite liked this.
  • The bag itself I just loved. Its a plasticy material in a gorgeous color. Just though it was super cute.