October Favorites + Ipsy

Hey there everyone! I didn't do a post for the October ipsy bag so I thought I'd do a quick little favorites post which includes some of those items, and show you what I got last month, I'll be getting a November back in the next couples days.  Also stay tuned Friday for a post about my new brown hair and what I did for Halloween (for reference next year perhaps).

October Favorites:

  • Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette $19.95- This is supposed to be kind of a Naked dupe, which I don't have, but its a warm-tone eye palette with gorgeous plush shadows. When I ordered the palette I expected them to be more brown tone but they're a bit more purple/pink toned that just your basic browns and blacks which I've decided I quite like. I got this on sale for $9.95 but its gone up a bit since then. I've used this every.single.day. since I got it. Best purchase I've ever made this year so far.
  • Figs&Rouge Hand Cream $6.56 - Got this with the October ipsy bag and I'm addicted. I've been keeping it in my backpack. It smells kind of citrus-y with a hint of sweet. Considering the great price I think I might actually get this again when it runs out.
  • Carmex $1 - Its my night-time balm go to.  Plus it doesn't taste the greatest and it really helps me not bite my lips.
  • Deluxe Infitiy Crown brush $6.99 - You might recognize this from September's bag. I previously said it might be a bit large but I've used it religiously since then and I think I've got the hang of it. I need more brushes!!!
  • Rue 21 Runway $10 - Its kind of sour-sweet smelling. I'm so bad with describing smells, but I love this. This is my second bottle and it lasts forever. Plus I'm a bio anth major so I dig the cute skull packaging.
  • Rue 21 Studded Bag $10 - I just started using this again after buying it a couple years ago and packing it away. Its starting to rip at the handles but I love it so much I must find another! The store doesn't sell them anymore so if anyone knows where I can get a similar one from cheapish let me know!
  • Nicole OPI in Feeling Very Cherry - Also from the October bag, its a deep oxblood color and I've been wearing it on my fingernails and toes all month. The perfect fall color.
October Ipsy Bag:
  • Model Co. Volume Eyes - Just a basic big brushed mascara. Nothing special, not water proof.
  • Lip Gloss - Just not a fan of lip gloss and this color didn't really suit me.
  • epice exfoliating scrub - I've only used this one but I really liked how fine the scrubby particles are. I would assume its sugar. I quite liked this.
  • The bag itself I just loved. Its a plasticy material in a gorgeous color. Just though it was super cute.


  1. I found your blog through a coast to coast thing. It said you were located in MO and I didn't know if you knew about the Missouri Women Bloggers so I wanted to share the site with you just in case :) www.missouriwomenbloggers.com

  2. Ipsy always gives a nice pouch! Thanks for sharing.



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