Favorites of the moment + college updates!

Hey all! Long time, no blog! - I know, but I warned you about this at the beginning of January.  I've been at college for about two months now.  In all honesty, the first week was pretty hard, but then I met a guy, became part of a great group of people that I go out with on the weekends and things got a lot better.  I'm really loving it here now and it's definitely the best decisions I've ever made.  I've been able to let a lot of things go from my past that were holding me back and I finally feel like I can breath again. So that's great.

I turned 20 on Valentine's day so that was exciting.  I didn't have a Valentine but my roommate and a mutual friend took me out to dinner.  I ate at Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time and they were really amused by that.  Pretty much everyone here is either from Chicago or a suburb of it. I'm from a small town in Missouri (which is actually only a 2 hour drive to their 4) but I feel like an international student. There were white people at my high school. The end. And the town I lived in had a population of 220 people so I came here and was like BAM culture shock.  I'm only just now able to understand bits and pieces of gangster speak (you know what I'm talking about) and even then I have to focus really hard. haha I've also picked up the Chicago suburb accent and every time I call home my dad will just randomly start laughing at me because I say my "a's" which this weird sort of drawl. I soak up accents like a sponge.

Okay, now on to the beauty stuff.  I'm busy and poor so haven't really had much to post about because I don't buy new things. And I probably won't do monthly favorites for awhile because I'm a lazy college student and I tend to use the same thing everyday. There might, however, be more fashion posts, because clothes is something I will always buy. (lol). As far as beauty and such goes, I'll probably just post a small collection like this when I have some new things I've been loving and using a lot.

Today's post is stuff I've been wearing on a daily basis.  This first item is just a cross necklace from DEBS that I got for $9.50.  I haven't been the type to wear a necklace everyday for several years so I wanted something simple that would go with mostly everything, and this does!  I have gotten so, so many compliments on this.

The beauty items are...

  • Cover Girl Perfect Blend eyeliner in brown
  • Maybelline Rocket Last waterproof mascara in blackest black
  • LA Colors eye shadow trio in sunflower (does WONDERS for green eyes&red hair)
  • and E.L.F. studio blush in candid coral
The pictures are scattered throughout this blog post. I'm also including a picture of me wearing all that stuff minus the necklace. Anddd that's my puppy, one of them. She's a shiba inu/beagle mix. Her name is Georgia. (:

That's all for today folks! <3 

P.S. This post is like a month old and I'm finalllly getting around to posting it. I'm currently working on a review for Wet 'N Wild' CoverAll foundation which is almost exactly the same as the much-loved Rimmel ColorStay Foundation with the exception that the wet n wild brand is $4 compared to Rimmel's $10. So stay tuned for that. (; I also redyed my hair. Still red though, so don't worry.

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  1. Glad to know that you have settled in your college and Happy Belated Birthday! ;) Missed you on blogger! :) You look pretty and your pup is so cute! n_n

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ


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