August mini-Wishlist

August Wishlist

Aqua rain books, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, They're Real mascara, Coralista Blush, Essie nail polish in Mint Candy Apple.

I only put the things I *really* wanted on this month's wishlist.  Daisy I've been coveting for awhile now.  The rainboots are a dire need for back-to-school and I just love this color.  They''re real and Coralista I have received sample sizes of from Sephora but would like to purchase the full size. And the Essie nail polish is a new addition.  I'm currently wearing "For Audrey" by China Glaze and it appears to be a very similar color but this one is more green.

Just a quick update as to what's new with me: I just got back from Georgia, a 2,257 mile road trip to and from, to visit a guy I met online and have been talking to on a daily basis since March.  It went amazingly and he is absolute perfection, as I knew he would be, so we are now attempting a long distance relationship which I have no doubt we will do just fine at.  I go back to Western Illinois University, as a Junior, on the 14th and classes start up again on the 19th.  I'm ecstatic to go back. I've really missed college life.  Oh! I also got a new job working at Little Caesars so we'll see how that goes.

Thanks for all the lovely people who have visited and subscribed during my long absences. Your support is much appreciated!

I got a new twitter! My old account (color_myworld) was deactivated two months ago due to some personal drama  but I'm back so Follow me!


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