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Hello everyone! I trust you add had a fantastic summer full of sunbathing and lemonade. I have had quite an interesting one so far.  As you may know from twitter or previous posts, I took the spring semester off of school and moved this summer from Illinois to North Carolina.  There were a couple reasons for this, a.) my long distance boyfriend moved to Georgia to Virginia to go back to school. He will be living just 3 and a half hours from my new home in North Carolina. and b.) the college I attended back in Illinois did not have the kind of anthropology program I was looking for.  My new school, Appalachian State University has a lot more opportunities including the ability to declare a concentration in archaeology.  An archaeology program is pretty hard to find in the midwest so this was just the best move for me all around.
A lot of things have changed in the past year and because of that I don't really want the main focus of this blog to be makeup and beauty anymore.  Being on my own and out of school until now I've had a lot of financial issues so I actually can't even remember the last time I went clothes shopping or bought new makeup and I'm okay with that.  I'm actually having more no-makeup days than I ever have in effort to clear up my skin so perhaps I will talk about that I some point. I will still do those kind of posts occasionally, but I would like to talk about other things that are more relevant to me these days like archaeology, college related things, moving, travel/road trips, life in a studio apartment, long distance relationships,etc.  I will slowly be re-working the blog's design and content over the next few months to better reflect the kind of topics I want to discuss.  In the meantime, if any one has anything they would like to read about regarding the above topics feel free to drop a comment below and let me know.  

xo, J.


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