iPhone Case Haul, less than $10!

Ebay has always been my number one place to get iPhone cases. Why? Because no matter what kind of case you're looking for, you can find a unique one, manufactured and shipped from china, for like $5 tops.  Why spend $60 on an otterbox when you can buy a dupe on ebay for a tenth of that price?
My most rent case haul, consisting of 2 regular cases and a wallet style case, totaled $6.63.

Punk Ariel Case - $1.98 Free Shipping.
Hakuna Matata Lion King Case - $1.98 Free Shipping.
Nautical Wallet Case - $2.67 Free Shipping.

All three of these cases were shipped from China. The disney cases were from the same seller so they were shipped together.  A *note* about buy cases from China - most trinkety things from China offer free shipping however ETAs usually are anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. I was lucky (and shocked!) because my cases arrived no more than a week after the order was placed, which was awesome, but in my experienced it usually takes about 2 weeks.

I've had a lot of fun with these cases so f
ar and gotten lots of compliments so I'm very happy with my choices!  I've added links to those that are still available.  The nautical wallet case is sold out but I've provided a link to the sellers other cases.

Coming up next!---Review of Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette that I just got in the mail today, and the influenster Dean's List voxbox that I received yesterday!


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