Try the World: Food Box Review + Discount!

HEYY. Two posts in one week?! Today I come to you with a review on the Try the World subscription box.  I got this as kind of a family Christmas present on Black Friday after I saw an add on Facebook for 3 boxes for the price of one.  I love buying subscription boxes as gifts. Normally, the subscription costs $39 to receive a box with 7-8 products every two months.  The more months you pay at a time, the cheaper each box becomes.  The Black Friday special I found was to receive the Holiday box as well as the Spain and Paris boxes as a bonus for $39.  I also found a coupon code that was valid for Black Friday only and ended up paying only $24 for three boxes. Wow. Yeah. So thats tip number one, scout for coupon codes to see if you can get a discount. Now for the review. I'm going to try to do this systematically so I don't ramble too much.

What's In the Box: 
Each full size box contains 7-8 full size products. The box they are sent in is this fabulous Tiffany blue box that's very sturdy and could easily be reused for other purposes.  The individual products are nested in a fake grass wine crate filler stuff (<-what?).  Inside is also a fold out card containing information about the items you have received.  What's cool about this is that it has a lot of well thought out extra info too.  Each box as a curated playlist (via Spotify!) that you can find on their website as well as a recipe and tips to enjoy the box with your family or date. Here's the products included in each of the boxes we received.
Holiday Box:
  • Mixed Berries dried, Finland
  • Chocolate Truffles, Canada
  • Yerba Mate Tea, UK
  • Ginger Snaps vanilla flavored, Sweden
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Israel
  • Panettone sweet bread, Italy 
  • Acai Dessert Sauce, Brazil
  • Fruit Filled Cookies, Morocco
Paris Box:

  • Clementine Fruit Jam
  • Finishing Salt
  • Sables Cookies
  • Tea
  • Whole Grain Mustard
  • Salted Butter Caramels
  • Herb Blend
Spain Box:
  • Paprika
  • Citrus Crumble Cakes
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Floral Jam
  • Turron
  • Salsa Tumaca Con Ajo
Each box also comes with a 20% off code from items in their shop

Value: $40 feels slightly steep for one box, I'd be more willing to pay like...$30. However, I'm a known cheap skate so honestly, for what you're getting $40 shipped is a great value.  The products and packaging all seem high quality.

Selection: We seemed to get a lot of olive oil, but that's okay because my husband is kind of obsessed with it. We loved trying all the sweets and the different teas and the hubby loves the spices. Just like with any subscription box, you're going to get things you maybe don't care for.  For me, I like the option of trying new things and don't feel like I missed out if there is something I don't like.

Recommended? Absolutely! I love all the thought that goes into curating these boxes - the products, the packaging, the info card, the playlist, the recipes, the date ideas, etc etc.  I truly felt like I could try the world from my living room. 

If you're interested in trying out the Try The World boxes, you can sign up via this link: HERE and get $15 off your first box.  

Also, check out the Try the World spotify playlists to get a sneak peak of countries offered.  We loved the Turkey playlist. Click Here

Let me know if this looks like something you'd be interested in trying! I'm also curious if people in the countries featured actually eat that stuff regularly...haha.  Stay tuned for future posts about my Forever 21 finds, a cheap random Ebay haul, and mooore!


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