30 Day Challenge - Desktop Tracker

So I have decided to tackle Jillian Michaels 30 day shred in order to make myself suffer (and maybe lose some weight). I didn't like the style of calendars I saw on Pinterest for this purpose so I decided to make my own that is generic yet beautiful to look at and desk top sized. This tracker is 5120 x 2880 which fits 27in Macs and below. If you need help with another size let me know.

There is a trick to using this as a tracker. There might be a simpler way, but this is how I get the little hearts that cover up each day.  These instructions are for Mac. Get Windows instructions here.

  1. Head on over to Iconfinder and pick out an icon you like.  Save it as a .PNG to your desktop. (Or download the one I used here). PNG preserves the transparency so you won't get any ugly white or black backgrounds.
  2. Put that image in a new empty folder. So its easy to find.
  3. Open the image in preview and it Edit -> Select All -> Copy.
  4. Right click on the folder we just made and select Get Info.
  5. Click the mini version of the boring folder icon so that it is high lighted.
  6. Go to Edit->Paste. Your folder should now look like your picture.
Any time you want to cover up a day, right click and select duplicate. You'll need a unique name for every new icon. I use spaces so that it looks cleaner. You do have to use a different amount of spaces each time to count as unique.  

If you're icons look too small, right click-->Show View Options. And move the icon size slider as desired.

When you're done with your tracker, just delete all the little hearts by dragging your mouse across the screen to select them all and moving them into the trash. 

This totally isn't ideal BUT it works and I think it's pretty. So if you'd like to have it too, download below!


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