Sephora Haul!

Hello beauties! For those of you that actively follow my posts, you'll remember that my first trip to Sephora was undoubtedly the highlight of my month...whenever that was. December maybe? Anyway, two weeks ago, I went back to Columbia but this time, I was accompanied by my best friend and my JC Penney's charge card (I do not condone this behavior. haha) I managed to come in within two weeks of my birthday so I got their free birthday gift as well as a few other goods which, lemme tell ya, became fast, fast favorites.I out of 5 items I got, 4 of them are used daily...and at least one is holy grail worthy, maybe two.

Too Faced Smokey Eye Kit - I use these colors in a lesser quality form from various palettes on a daily bases so I loved that this combined all of my favorites for day and night looks.  It has 9 shadows, 3 shimmery highlighters, 3 shimmery bases, and 3 matte colors for contour and blending.  These are so beautifully pigmented.  They do crease however, but it does take at least six hours to notice.  I haven't tried them with a primer yet.

They're Real Mascara - this was a sample from the birthday gift thing. I LOVE this. It beats my Maybelline Rocket Lash except that it's not waterproof. I was iffy because BAD lash turned out to be a disappointment after Rocket Lash from the drug store, but They're Real outdoes them both.

Watt's Up highlighter stick and Too faced shadow insurance - more samples, haven't tried really.

Tarte Amazonian clay 12hr blush in blissful - Tarte blushes have been on my wishlist since...ever. Finally broke down and got one. totally worth it.  These really do last 12 hours and I don't feel the need to apply powder half way through the day like I usually do because this one isn't shimmery. Not too mentioned this color couldn't be more perfect for me.

Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm - This is in the little bin with the rose salve.  At $7 it was kind of a random "try out" splurge.  Best seven dollars I ever spent.  I love this more than my Burt's Bee's tinted lip balm, and you guys know how much I rave over that.  The mint gives the lips a slight tingle and cooling factor but the rose keeps it sweet smelling.  It feels like a thinner, less sticky version of petroleum jelly.  It doesn't have a taste, it's not sticky what-so-ever and it stays on the lips for forever. It's not tinted but it leaves such a beautiful shine.  I will never be caught without this again.

That's all! Share your thoughts on these products if you have them and leave suggestions for my next haul! (:

Favorites of the moment + college updates!

Hey all! Long time, no blog! - I know, but I warned you about this at the beginning of January.  I've been at college for about two months now.  In all honesty, the first week was pretty hard, but then I met a guy, became part of a great group of people that I go out with on the weekends and things got a lot better.  I'm really loving it here now and it's definitely the best decisions I've ever made.  I've been able to let a lot of things go from my past that were holding me back and I finally feel like I can breath again. So that's great.

I turned 20 on Valentine's day so that was exciting.  I didn't have a Valentine but my roommate and a mutual friend took me out to dinner.  I ate at Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time and they were really amused by that.  Pretty much everyone here is either from Chicago or a suburb of it. I'm from a small town in Missouri (which is actually only a 2 hour drive to their 4) but I feel like an international student. There were white people at my high school. The end. And the town I lived in had a population of 220 people so I came here and was like BAM culture shock.  I'm only just now able to understand bits and pieces of gangster speak (you know what I'm talking about) and even then I have to focus really hard. haha I've also picked up the Chicago suburb accent and every time I call home my dad will just randomly start laughing at me because I say my "a's" which this weird sort of drawl. I soak up accents like a sponge.

Okay, now on to the beauty stuff.  I'm busy and poor so haven't really had much to post about because I don't buy new things. And I probably won't do monthly favorites for awhile because I'm a lazy college student and I tend to use the same thing everyday. There might, however, be more fashion posts, because clothes is something I will always buy. (lol). As far as beauty and such goes, I'll probably just post a small collection like this when I have some new things I've been loving and using a lot.

Today's post is stuff I've been wearing on a daily basis.  This first item is just a cross necklace from DEBS that I got for $9.50.  I haven't been the type to wear a necklace everyday for several years so I wanted something simple that would go with mostly everything, and this does!  I have gotten so, so many compliments on this.

The beauty items are...

  • Cover Girl Perfect Blend eyeliner in brown
  • Maybelline Rocket Last waterproof mascara in blackest black
  • LA Colors eye shadow trio in sunflower (does WONDERS for green eyes&red hair)
  • and E.L.F. studio blush in candid coral
The pictures are scattered throughout this blog post. I'm also including a picture of me wearing all that stuff minus the necklace. Anddd that's my puppy, one of them. She's a shiba inu/beagle mix. Her name is Georgia. (:

That's all for today folks! <3 

P.S. This post is like a month old and I'm finalllly getting around to posting it. I'm currently working on a review for Wet 'N Wild' CoverAll foundation which is almost exactly the same as the much-loved Rimmel ColorStay Foundation with the exception that the wet n wild brand is $4 compared to Rimmel's $10. So stay tuned for that. (; I also redyed my hair. Still red though, so don't worry.