My 2013 Beauty Resolutions!

I want to start using concealer, purchase at least one item each from Lush and Soap & Glory, and own at least one high end item (never have I ever!).  That's very basic, but if you've been following my posts. I pretty much just want to make sure I try out everything on my wishlists from the past few months. 

Up until September, I kept going back to medium or dark shades or brunet, for 2013, I'm going to continue to stick with red.  I'm also setting a goal to grow my hair out.  Up until two-ish years ago it was butt length, and I really miss that so, so much!

Paint my nails more often.  Until recently, I've kinda just been repainting them whenever the current color wears off, I want to start doing them at least once a week.  I'm really into nail colors this month so that probably won't be hard to keep up.  I also want to get...pretty much every E.L.F. nail polish that there is available, because I love the formula better than anything I've ever tried (it kicks China Glaze's ass, no joke. it's epic stuff.).

I'm transferring away to another college so my fashion goal is to continue to rock whatever look I feel like and be confident with it.  If I wanna go punk one day, and country sweet-heart the next, I want to still be able to do that without feeling like I need to define myself one way or another.  

Share yours in a blog post or comment below!  Stay tuned for my unboxing Holiday VoxBox Post, the giveaway winner, and a review of Clean and Clear Acne Mark mask/wash. (:



  1. I need to paint my nails more often as well! :) Makeup-wise, I want to invest in a good quality foundation, it's so much better for the skin!
    Great post, wishing you a Happy New Year! x

  2. I wish to grow my hair out too now even though I have been noticing long bobs in fashion lately! And I'd like to get my ends dip-dyed either turquoise or emerald! Sounds crazy, I know! :/
    Or just a single thick streak of pink on my strands which fall below ear, kinda like avril lavigne!

    xoxo ♥

  3. Love your resolutions, I like how they are separated into categories, very organised :D I too want to grow my hair out, but it tends to get a little thin when I do so may not be able to have it too long :(

    Hope you have a Happy New Year x



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