Review: Kiss Nail Dress nail strips

First off, let me just start off by saying I was sent these to try out but, as with any freebies that I review, my opinions will always be 100% honest.  I waited about a week after receiving them before trying them out because I've never had good luck with fake nail kits and I figured these would be even more complicated and crappy so I wasn't sure if I even wanted to bother.  But, because the design was so pretty and perfect for my punk-rock state of mind, I decided to apply these on New Years Even before going on with some friends.

Application Process - 5/5

Applying these nails strips was so, so much easier than I thought it was going to be.  It was a lot simpler than having to deal with messy glue and finding the right sticker for your nail didn't take anywhere near as long as it does with glue on kits.  All I did to apply these was find one to match my nail, peel it off, stick it on to my nail (I had nail polish on underneath), smooth out the lumps, and trim off the excess with nail clippers.  Easy as that.  The total application time was around 10 minutes, probably not even quite that long.  In the photo you can see my pink polish underneath where the ones I choose didn't quite fit but this wasn't a huge deal and it is quite possible that the stickers I have left over would fit better, I'm just not very good at judging that sort of thing.

Longevity - 5/5

I put these on 12/31 and peeled them off today, 1/7.  They would have lasted the full 10 days but I was just ready to take them off and I needed to test the removal process for this review anyway.  In one of these photos, you can see where on the ring finger there are some 'chips' in the sticker.  These do peel up on the ends of the nails and so I would pull off the pieces but this only happened on a couple of nails and I think if I had applied a clear coat of polish to the tips, they would have looked perfect for the full week that I wore them.  These lasted so much longer than I ever dreamed they would.  They last longer than regular nail polish, and longer than any brand of fake nails I have ever tried including Broadway Impress.

Design Selection - 5/5

Each package of nail strips comes with an insert featuring all the available designs ranging from solids, to animal prints to lace (which I'm most excited to try).  The design I had, as you can see, was black with gold detailing and rhinestones.  They also came with gold stickers to have a nail accented.  I adored this design and by the end of the week, most of the rhinestones were even still in tact which was surprising.

Removal Process - 5/5

I just peeled these off the from the cuticle forward.  Other people that I've seen do reviews on this claimed that it left the nails a little rough or there was residue that was hard to get off but I didn't have that issue, possibly because I already had nail polish on when I applied the stickers.  There was residue, that was a sticky,plastic-y glue type substance but that peeled off as well. Removal took about 3 minutes with no residue.

Overall & Recommendation - 5/5

Would I recommend these? Yes.  I hope to be getting several more styles soon.  I will probably never use fake glue on nails again.  The application and removal was super quick and easy, they lasted forever, and looked fantastic.  I do recommend, however, that you wear a base coat underneath the stickers to keep your nails from getting roughed up when you remove them.


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