Broadway Impress Press-on Nails Review

When it comes to doing my own nails, I am the least talented person in the entire world I am almost positive.  I cannot for the life of me paint my nails smoothly and when it comes to painting with my less dominant hand...well we won't even go there. So to compensate, I like to get fake nails from the drugstore.  I don't do this all the time, because my nails are strong and grow quickly and I don't want to harm them but everyone once in awhile I'll grab a set to wear for a week or so.
Yesterday, while at Walmart, I was going to try the Sally Hansen stick on nails but decided against it, I'm still scared it will be a waste, and instead went for a new product called Broadway imPRESS Patterned Nail Covers ($6.97, Walmart).  This style uses a glue-less application, so instead of using messy nail glue that may or may not hold on the first go, to apply, you peal off the clear stickers covering the adhesive an simply press on.
Application & Fit;;
 I was iffy about the glue-less part at first but I am pleased to say that the process is very simple and quick and they do stick to the nail quite well.  I think that the most time consuming part of using these nails for me was finding the ones that best fit my nails.  The package contains 24 nails in 12 different sizes.  Now, I don't know if it's just the fact that I maybe have weirdly shaped fingers, but I didn't not find a single nail that fit perfectly.  I feel like that all need to be slightly wider on the top sides.  There are small pieces of nail that remain uncovered while wearing these and the thumbnails were all too small.  The nails that I chose were the closest fit.  The extra space isn't super viable unless it's pointed out so it's not that big of deal but I feel like these could have been designed a little better.
I chose the hot pink zebra print pattern because I'm smitten for anything with zebra print.  The hot pink really pops and each nail has a gorgeous glossy finish.
So far, I've only had them on for a day.  They are supposed to last a week and I think that they probably will.  I'll edit this and let you know how it turned out but as of now, I haven't noticed any peeling.  I've used nails with super glue before and you can tell when they are starting to come off because the sides of the nail are no longer stuck to your actual nail.  I haven't noticed anything like that so i think they'll do just fine.  They are short enough that you can perform day to day activities without fear of breaking, so that's a plus.

Update:: These actually lasted about four/five days before one came off so I took off the rest.  Considering I was working in a nursing home kitchen at the time, my hands were constantly wet and soapy so I'd say they held up wonderfully under the circumstances.
Will I purchase these again? Probably not.  I really, really love the print, and the packaging they came in was really cute as well but I've used other nail brands that have better fitting nails.  I encourage you all to give these a try though, not everyone will have a problem finding a nail that matches as there are 24 different sizes.

This was posted on my old blog about six weeks ago.  Have you tried out this brand? What were your thoughts?


  1. Love the nails!
    SO pretty!!! ♥

    Followed you!

    The Misty Mom

  2. Love your post, I haven't tried these yet and was planning to but I may wait a while first. By the way, I have nominated you for the
    Liebster Award!
    Dani xxxx


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