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So, as you all know, I've been on the search for the perfect foundation, one that has the finish I desire, great coverage and most importantly, matches my skin tone.  While searching the net, I read a post where someone suggested trying Everyday Minerals because you can get samples of their foundation.  This attracted me for two reasons 1.) I love mineral foundations.  My go to powder foundation has been Dark Tan Warm from the All Natural Face for the past two to three years.  However, I most recently decided that this foundation doesn't match my skin tone as well as I always thought it did.  I find it a bit pink now.  and 2.) Samples.  I love anything that allows me to get a cheap sample product, especially with foundations since I don't want to pay $12 for something that doesn't match my face.

The Ordering Process - 4/5

And so the story goes...I marched over to Everyday Minerals and picked out 7 free samples (that's the max) and only had to pay for shipping.  My total came to $2.70.  That's pretty amazing if you ask me.  The samples were shipped that day and I was provided with a tracking number and my samples arrived two days later.  I ordered on November 5th and today is November 8th.  That's a very impressive turn around and shipping time.  So I was quite happy with that. My samples arrived in a small envelope (I chose this for cheaper shipping).  Inside were 7 resealable baggies with .05oz of product which is more than enough for four applications.  On the back of my invoice was more information about the products as well as directions on how to apply them.    I would like to address that although I did order only samples, when I went back to look at prices for a full sized jar, no where did I see how many ounces were in a full sized product.  It simply says "Big" for foundations, hence the point loss on this part.

Shade Selection - 4.7/5

Here's what I ordered: 4 Foundation base samples in semi-matte (fair, fair neutral, sandy fair, ivory), 1 Jojoba foundation base sample (Alabaster), Every day bronzer, and a multitasking concealer in neutral.

Of the shades I choose, all were very close to my skin tone, which was great, but none matched exactly, thus the 4.7.  And I wasn't really expecting an exact match.  The ones I ordered are definitely good enough that you have to pay close, close attention to see the difference.  Here's a quick run down of the shade descriptions in comparison to my skintone, which is pale and absolutely neutral.

Alabaster - site says "For very fair skin with cool undertones" I thought this was a little more orangy or pink than "cool" like is suggests.  This definitely would be better suited for someone who normally would be able to wear anything from CoverGirl in shade 105.

Sandy Fair - site says "For fair neutral complexions with a balance of pink and yellow undertones." that's a fitting description.  This one is quite lighter and requires blending to not look like a ghost but all the samples in "Fair" shades were very close to my skin tone.

Fair Neutral - site says "For very fair complexions, this is a true neutral ivory." Yep. This is what I would picture when someone says they have an ivory skin tone.  NOTHING like the drugstore brand ivory shades. This is very neutral and light.  Probably good for Asian complexions but it's actually what I'm wearing at the moment.

Fair - site says "For fair complexions with pink undertones" Pretty close.  The pink undertones are very, very light.  Fair and Sandy Fair don't appear any differently when compared side by side on the face as the differences are very subtle.

Ivory - site says "For very fair complexions with a hint of beige." If this would have been its exactly color except light, it would have been perrrrfect for me. It does have beige tones but it is a darker foundation shade than the ones in the "fair" range.

The Bronzer was quite dark on my skin but I did like the color and simply applied it lighter.  The concealer was a similar shade to fair neutral, maybe a tad darker and was the same formula as the foundation.

Formula- 4.8/5

The semi matte finish says that its a mix between their glo base and matte.  For those of you scared that a semi-matte will make you look shiny, don't be.  I have that issue as well with a lot of foundations but this one just looks like you have an inner glow.  It's very,very, very subtle and you don't look like you bathed in micro crystals.  It's not an obvious shimmer at all and it looks very natural when applied to the face.  On the skin, the foundation feel very smooth and soft.  It does offer full coverage if you build it up.  The mineral formula is not quite as thick as The All Natural Face but like I said, you can apply several layers to get your desired coverage.  I'm just in love with this finish.

The bronzer says it gives you a luminescent glow, but I found it to be quite matte when applied although, perhaps the glow will become more apparent throughout the day as some often do.  We shall see. (:

Overall - 4.5/5

I was very happy with the shipping speed, the shade selection and the formula.  I will be returning to order a full sized foundation, most likely in Sandy Fair or Fair Neutral as soon as I have worn the samples for a few days and decided between the two.  I will be emailing the company to find out the size of their full size foundations.

To the right is my FOTD, that's this foundation in Fair Neutral, their Everyday Bronzer, Starlight Eye mineral from BG Cosmetics over black CG eyeliner, NYC mascara (booo), NYC lip stain in Rock On Ruby, ELF Matte Lip Tint in Muave, misted with the All Natural Face hydration spray.  You can obviously see in this photo that I have acne.  #imnotperfectitsfine.

Something you have to keep in mind with mineral foundation, exfoliation and moisturizing is absolutely necessary before applying any mineral or powder to your face. If you have dry skin, it will make it look worse and extremely flaky.

Think you might want to try these? Do you already have them? Any other foundation suggestions for me? Comment below! (:


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  3. Great review :) And you look great in your FOTD pic :) And I didn't actually notice the acne until I read it :)

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