Nail Trends - Drugstore Alternatives: Oxblood

So this is the first in a new series I would like to start on drugstore alternatives to nail polish trends.  I am by no means a nail artist, and I don't do well even painting single colors because I have a shaky hand and dry cuticles. But thats okay, because I paint them anyway and I really love the trends that I've seen and heard about so far this season.  What I love even more than trends, are getting the same look for a cheaper price.  Poor college kid from the middle of no where = minimal resources.

My favorite color by far this season is oxblood.  While there is quite a bit of variance as to what color this actually is, I personal believe it to be a deep brownish burgundy rather than a vampy dark red like you may see being referred to as oxblood else where.  Today I will be reviewing Rich in Heart by Sinful Colors, a nail polish available at Walmart for $1.97.  Based on reviews and swatches of OPI products, Rich in Heart is a great dupe of I'm With Brad from OPI by Sephora.  It is also very similar to La Moss by butter london.  This season, the maroon, burgundy color is definitely the new black.  It actually looks black from a distance so you get the dramatic look for a dark polish with a little bit of sexy flair.  It's safe to say I'm in love.

Okay so, on to Sinful Colors. I was iffy about buying this polish because I few months ago, I tried a different color at a friends house of the same brand and I hated how matte and dull it was when it dried.

The first coat I applied to my thumb almost scared me off as I applied it fairly thinly and it pretty much looked like I had dumped prune juice on my nail, it was not a very attractive color.  I had almost written it off from that moment as I was certain that no number of applications was going to make it look like the color in the bottle.  I'm happy to say, that I was proved wrong.  Later on I applied the polish to the rest of my fingers, two coats on each nail, three on the thumb and was pretty thrilled with the result.  It still sort of has a deep brown, prunish look to it but my second coat was a lot heavier so the red shimmers were more apparent.

I wouldn't classify this as a glitter polish, it has more of a glossy sheen to it.  It applied very smoothly, dried quickly and doesn't look streaky.  It's very deep and luxurious and fantastic and I pretty much love it.  I took a show right after I painted them, so they chipped a little, which was to be expected.  This is day three and they still look fine except about 15% has chipped on from one finger.  I should probably note that I don't use a clear top coat...ever...mostly because I'm lazy and the only one I have is from Salley Hansen and it smells like dried tea leaves, which I think is gross.  So if you got this, and applied a top coat for the first couple days, this could last ages.  It really is a gorgeous color and a great alternative to butter or OPI oxblood colors.  I really wish I could have taken photos to do the color justice but because of the red shimmery stuff getting the right lighting was hard.

In conclusion, great color, exceeded my expectations by far, and will probably be my go to polish throughout winter. (:

What's your favorite nail trend? / What's on your nails atm?



  1. That looks really nice :)
    I am liking dark colours atm :) and this one looks like one I should try out '')

    x Love M

  2. Love this colour, very wintery! Thanks for following, I'm following back and cant wiat to read more!
    Dani xx
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