Daily Makeup Routine

So this is just what my daily makeup routine usually consists of when I'm lazy or pressed for time. These are all very basic products, mostly drugstore and is very light look.  I'm very fair skinned and it's rare that I find something that matches my skintone so any foundation, bronzer and blush shades must be applied lightly otherwise I look awful...and some days I do anyway (I need different foundation.).

First, I apply Covergirl Clean Foundation in 105 ivory with a sponge, which, you're actually not supposed to do because sponges harbor bacteria.  Today, I applied two "coats" just because I have acne and it makes me feel better if I build it up.   Then, I use an angled brush from ELF to apply Rimmel Bronzer in whatever the lightest shade is to the hallows of my cheeks.  I used a fluffy foundation brush from ELF to apply a slightly shimmery mineral blush from Zoe & Zac (from Payless' makeup line).  Covergirl perfect blend eyeliner in Brown Black and a bronze from an LA Colors palette.NYC Lip stain in Rock on Ruby and Matte Lip Tint from ELF in muave on the lips because I find it tones down the pink of the stain.  Finished off with NYC Big Bold Mascara (which I do not recommend btw).

This takes almost exactly 5 minutes and does need to be set with finishing powder I just usually don't do that until later in the day when I start to look oily.  I'm currently on the search for a better foundation, blush and lip color but that's been a life long search so I'm not expecting anything less than disappointment for awhile.

Products that I recommend from this look: Cover Girl Perfect Blend eyeliners go on smooth and bold; NYC Lip Stain smell amazing and are easy to apply; and Matte Lip tint from ELF which was also in my October favorites.

Products that I don't recommend: NYC Mascara.  They're cheap and with this brand of mascaras you really do get what you pay for.  They aren't waterproof, they burn like hell if you cry, clump when applying and they flake within an hour.  I don't like the bulky brush because its hard to get the little inner eye lashes.

If you've used any of these products, let me know your thoughts!


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