Etsy: Most Wanted/Gift ideas

Etsy Wish List:
1. Peacock Vintage Print on Upcycled Sheet Music, AvantPrint, shop currently closed - I love this style of art, cool paintings and designs on "upcycled" sheet music or book pages.  I think it's so classy and unique.  I actually have a framed peacock print from the dollar store for my dorm room that is some what similar to this.

2. Blue Crystal Swarovski Necklace, Crystalyte925, $32 - This really doesn't need explaining. It's so beautiful and delicate and very Downton Abbey.  Love, love, love. Everything from her shop really.

3. Terrarium, $5-15 - The one that is picture disappeared before I did this post so linked is the search page with tons to view.  They often come with moss or air plants which just need to be misted once perweek but otherwise take care of themselves.  These are so cute and make great gifts for those eco-friendly loves in your life.

4. "Till I got an arrow to the knee" Skyrim themed bracelet, LunaDesigns101, $6.69 - For those of you not familiar with Skyrim, it's a medieval, sim, adventure type video game that is the 5th in a series called The Elder Scrolls. The quote featured on this is kind of an inside joke with players because it's a cliche line that a lot of the NPDs (Non Playable Characters) say. So I just liked this because it was cute and simple and amusing. Luna is a UK based seller btw but she does ship internationally at great rates.

5. Peacock Feather iPhone Cover, RetroLoveCases, $19.95 - Are you starting to notice a trend here? Haha, I just really like peacock related things this season.  I think that's because my bedding for college is Aqua so peacock themed thing are easy to pair with it.  Also because in Illinois where I used to live, you could hear them scream all the time, which was kinda cool.

6. Turtle Photograph, elgarboart, $30 - Another Aqua/colorful themed item.  After my gazillionth trip to the zoo in October, I decided I'm quite fond of sea turtles and harbor seals.  This is such a beautiful photo and love angle at which it's taken.

So that's all for this list! This might give you an idea for some gifts or at least give you a little preview of Etsy if you've never shopped there before.  There are hundreds of great items that would make perfect unique gifts so I encourage you to take a look around!

What are you loving on Etsy right now? Leave links below!
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Happy Holidays


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