Winter Wear, December Edition

[left]"OMG" Neon Pink Hat from JC Pennye's, Gloves from JC Penney's. One hand says "lol :)" the other says "omg!"
[right] Arizona coat from JC Penneys, with Sherpa lining (fake sheep wool) and a furry hood. <3 Color: Burgundy

 [left]Dollar General stocking hat with ropes thingy.  In purple.  Also have a similar one in black.
[right]Santa Hat from Walmart. This was for a Quincy Symphony Chorus concert. Which I'm cool enough to be in. (this picture will also be in a  different post at some point because it uses one of my new elf products.

Ugly Dollar General gloves. Also came in a package with black. I got them, because they're cool. In an ugly sort of way.

And my sweater featured in most of these pictures, btw, is from Rue21. It's friggin fantastic. And I just got it four days ago on a mini-shopping spree there where also got skinny jeans! Which, I never used to wear, now I have Black Jeggings and Skinnys in Hot pink, red, and purple. 

That completes my Winter accessory collection of things I have so far this December - much love!


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  1. I really love your burgundy coat and I wish I owned a santa hat! :( It's just too cute! I'll watch out for these here, hope I find one!



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