Sinful Colors from the 90s! + Liebster 2

This bottle of polish has been in my bathroom cabinet for close to 15 years.  I believe I got this around 5 years old for Christmas from my aunt.  It was my very first bottle of nail polish and I thought it was the greatest thing ever.  I happened to be thinking about it the other day, because I had a hunch that the brand was familiar, and sure enough, when I went to look at it, it was Sinful Colors!  Not really a big deal, but I thought it was pretty cool that Sinful Colors is growing more popularly because of their dupes for high ends, quality, and affordability  and it happened to be my very first polish.  This bottle is dried out an pretty much empty now but I remember using this all the time when I was little.  This color is number #74 called "Blue Glitter".   I think it's safe to say they weren't as creative with their names back then. (:

In other news, I was nominated for another Liebster Award by Elle Woo from Lipstick and Lace, so I thought I would go head an answer the questions she posted.  I'm not going to do the full post but I'm very flattered that I was nominated a second time so I wanted to make sure I answered her questions.

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I've actually been blogging since I was 12. I had been keeping a diary since first grade and when I got older, I because more interested in graphic design.  So blogging made those two things to go hand it hand. 
2. What motivates you to continue blogging?
I have an OCD issue with making lists.  And blogging is kind of the exaggerated form of that. Lol.  But other than that, I like being able to help people by making suggests, amusing them, or helping people see that they aren't the only ones who are going through tough shit (as related to the subjects on my other website).
3. What other hobbies do you have besides blogging?
Song writing, photography, horse back riding, singing, writing, road tripping.
4. What is the concept of your blog (e.g., is it makeup based, fashion based, life based, etc.)?
Right now it's makeup only.  But I'll have the occasional fashion haul and college life post.
5. What is your dream job?
I want to be a singer/songwriter, officially and professionally. But if that doesn't work out, I'm working on a degree in Anthropology
6. What's your favorite clothing store?
Rue 21. By Far. Yup. <3 <3 <3
7. What's your favorite makeup brand?
Hard Candy! But I probably use more NYC and Covergirl products.
8. What's your favorite color?
Purple. Haha No, not red. (;
9. What's your favorite number?
10. PC or Mac?
I have a PC, but I grew up with Mac so I'm hoping to get a Macbook Pro before next summer for school.  My current laptop will be four years old in February!

11. What is on the top of your wish list right now?
A LUSH sugar scrub.  I've never tried anything from LUSH.  And on a slight side note, I've actually never owned/tried anything high end. haha 


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