the long awaited BIG e.l.f. haul! (:

My order from E.L.F's Cyber Monday sale (I actually ordered the night before) is finally here!  It took two weeks, which I personally thought was an insanely long time but because it was a huge week for online shopping, I decided not to get too irritated about it.  Plus, when the box actually came, it was pretty much like Christmas so the wait was well worth it.  The top left picture is of the ten items I got from the online store and the bottom picture is the natural eye shadow palette I got from Walgreen's on Friday [don't forget you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.] There are also additional photos at the bottom of this post for a closer view of some of the items.

Here's the list of the items I got from my online shipment, there prices, and my initial thoughts.
  • Shimmering Facial whip in Golden Peach, $1 - I swatched a little bit of this on the back of my hand and it's such a lovely, light, gold.  I think it will be a perfect highlighter or luminizer for my super pale skin.  And it's scented like sugary oranges - or whatever it is they call that scent.
  • Nail Polish in Green Machine, $2 - I'm actually wearing this as an accent color on a couple of my nails beside a gold polish from Pure Ice.  Green Machine is a very thick, very pigmented Evergreen color.  It absolutely reminds me of pine needles. I used two coats but I'm pretty sure I could have gotten it away with one.
  • Nail Polish in Mod Mauve, $2 - The photo on the website makes it look like more of a lilac color but it actually has more pink tones. I adore this color.  It's actually really close to my natural lip color and I think it's absolutely gorgeous yet. I haven't tried this one out yet but I have a feeling it's going to be one of my newest favorites.
  • Limited Edition Holiday 4-Piece Nail Polish Set, $5 - This includes the colors Fairy Dust, Golden Goddess, Light Red and Plum.  I used Golden Goddess on top of Green Machine for my accent and it is absolutely gorgeous.  It's a very, very fine golden glitter polish top coat with larger gold pieces.  I really don't like glitter polishes (I'll have a couple in a hit or miss post later on) but this one I am really enjoying so far.  I most excited for the light red.  I've wanted a true red polish for so long and I refuse to spend more than a few dollars on one, thus the ones I've tried have sucked.  But if this one is a good as the green polish, it's going to be absolutely divine.
  • Studio Matte Lip Color in Nearly Nude, $3 - I think I'm going to have to play around with this a little more I think before I decided for sure what I think about this.  I find it a little too light at the moment, which looks a bit odd on my skin, but then again, I didn't have any other makeup on when I tried it so we shall see if I can play with it some a figure out what works best.
  • Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Plum Passion and Twinkle Teal, $1 - These both look great, but the purple feels a tad rough, just might need to be worn down a little bit.  The teal on the other hand, reminds me a lot of Isodora's Patrol Green (I don't even this this is around anymore.) but Twinkle Teal is a lighter shade. This doesn't have chucks of glitter in it like the purple does, this one is more of a true shimmer - very pretty.
  • Essential Beauty Book Eye Set in Smoky, $5 - This comes with a small tube of the primer, which I've heard a lot about but never tried.  Excited to try that.  I love purple, and smokey eyes, so this should be fun.  I like that it's got illustrated instructions on the inside of the package.
  • Studio HD Blush in Superstar, $3 - Whoa. Okay, so I read the reviews on the website but I wasn't prepared for how true "a little goes a long way" is.  I put, maybe, a fourth of a pump of this on the back of my hand and wow, it's crazy pigmented.  Plus side, this seems to blend really well so I think after I get used to how much I need, it will look great.  It's matte, which I really love, and it's got a great consistency.  I'm pretty sure since this is really bold and I'm really white,  that this pump will quite literally last me forever.
  • Studio Stipple Brush, $3 - I've already tested this once with liquid foundation.  I've always been the type to use a sponge. Until a few days ago I started messing around with the few brushes that I have and decided to try that for awhile since that's how pretty much every other beauty person does it.  I've been hearing so much about stippling brushes lately that I decided to get one. I really cannot even begin to express how much I love this brush.  So much better coverage than anything else I have ever used. Just, wow.  And a great finish.  I feel like using a brush even makes my foundation last longer but that just may be all in my head. Either way, I'm positive that I will never use a sponge again.
  • Natural Eye Palette, $4.99 - Like I said, this was from Walgreen's not the shipment.  I adore this.  I used it yesterday and wow.  I think a big part of the reason I like this was for the instructions, I feel like I'm an idiot when it comes to eye shadow techniques.  My makeup always looks good but I never really do anything different.  This gave me some new ideas.  Also, I've never had a neutral palette before because it wasn't ever into natural shades after the look I did yesterday, I've determined that colors such as these just make my green/blue/grey eyes pop like crazy. (: I'm in love.

So that completes my haul! I'm so excited for all of these products.  I got an amazing deal.  
Tell me about your favorite elf products! Is there anything mentioned above that you might want to try yourself?

What's coming in future posts:: winter wear collection thus far, hit or miss nov-dec, a couple of fashion posts, college jabber, swatches of these palettes, andddd.....a giveaway! (I've started collecting products!)

More photos from this haul....


  1. I love their shimmer whips!! Also their studio line brushes are amazing! Such a good haul!

  2. I really want to get that stippling brush, such a good deal for $3!!

  3. I've never tried ELF products before but I'm seriously considering picking some up.

    I nominated you for the Liebster award by the way!

    Lipstick & Lace

  4. I am a fan of ELF products. And I'm OBSESSED with your hair color, its soooo pretty!

    I found your blog through the blog hop and I'm now following you! Great blog! I'd love for you to check out my blog, too, and follow back if you want.


  5. Hi Jamie! I'm your newest follower from the Wednesday Blog Hop over at Glitter and Gloss!

    xo's - Ashley


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